So as to enjoy Izakaya in Japan

What is “Otoshi”?

It is a simple dish served first at Izakaya, before your orders come out.
“Otoshi” is thought to come from Japanese phrases that contain the word, and mean “to prove that the order was placed” or “to bring guests to their seats.” Generally, 300-500yen is added to your bill for “Otoshi”.

Tip is not required

Contrary to the Western customs, Izakaya restaurants in Japan do not charge separately for service.
If you receive an exceptional service, a sincere “Thank you!” sill suffice.

Order drink first

At Izakaya, you might be asked for your drink order first.
Knowing what you want to drink makes it easy to place the order. Many people order a beer first, such that a phrase. “Toriaezu Beer (first, a beer).” is commonly used.
Toast to “another day of hard work” and “enjoying a meal with friends”!!

No shoes in tatami rooms

At an Izakaya, you may be seated on the floor in a Tatami room called “Ozashiki”.
Be sure to take your shoes off, when entering this room.

Helpful Japanese phrases when at a restaurant