There has been an increase in the tendency for international tourists to visit Japan in recent years, and that is not an exception in the districts of Nakano or Koenji in Tokyo that run along the JR Chuo Line.
It feels like more international tourists are seen every day in these districts perhaps due to them having excellent access to Shinjuku.

This website and booklet was written so that those international tourists would learn about the delicious restaurants and fun night life in Nakano and Koenji, and in doing so completely immerse themselves in the charm of those districts.

Naturally, that does not change the fact that the numerous restaurants in this guidebook are also appealing to someone who is Japanese.
Use this website and booklet as a night guide that will allow you to find a restaurant you have never gone to before so you can enjoy yourself there.

So as to enjoy Izakaya in Japan

Helpful Japanese phrases when at a restaurant

What kind of city is Nakano?

Nakano is a “mecca of subculture” for things such as anime and manga.
Meanwhile, it is also a district with a large variety of restaurants.
All of the restaurants introduced here are skilled enough to be called a “sanctuary for alcohol and food”.

What kind of city is Koenji?

Koenji is nicknamed “Japan’s India”.
It is a bustling district with a mix of new and old shops.
At this place where people gather in pursuit of freedom and dreams, such as young people aiming to be professional musicians, or people creating art, there is also a large collection of various kinds of unique restaurants.

Koenji Junjo Hotel

Are you looking for a safe and affordable accommodation near Shinjuku, Nakano, Koenji and Kichijoji?
The guesthouse “Koenji Junjo Hotel“, about a 3-minute walk from Koenji Station’s south exit, has been well received by many tourists.
It is also certified by the Tokyo Tourist Information Center, and touch-screen terminals and leaflets of tourist information of the neighborhood are available at the reception.
Please check it out.


This convenient booklet has information and maps of 66 stores, 33 in Nakano and 33 in Koenji.
It is distributed at the “Chuosen Aruaru Project” information rack at JR Nakano Station/Koenji Station, Asagaya Station, Ogikubo Station, and Nishi-Ogikubo Station, as well as at the shops where it is posted.
(Distribution will end as soon as it runs out.)

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Credit Title

Publisher: KOENJI JUNJO HOTEL(Koenji Junjo shopping district)
Planning: HOT WIRE GROUP inc.
Production: HOT WIRE GROUP inc. / Nakano-ku Tourism Association
Cooperate: Chuosen Aruaru Project (Experience Suginami Tokyo)

The information in this guidebook is as of November 15th, 2019.