Make a booking at KOENJI JUNJO HOTEL

Please tell us from when to when are you going to stay and what type of room you would like to have.
We will immediately check availability.

By phone

Reception time:10:00-18:00
Please make reservations on the previous day or the day by phone.
We may not be able to accept your reservation.

  • 03-5929-7581

By E-mail

With reply from us within 24 hours after your mail arrives at us, we will confirm your reservation.

Even after 24 hours, if there is no reply, there is a possibility that your E-mail has not arrived.
In that case please contact by phone.

After understanding the above, please fill in the following items by e-mail and submit the subject as "Koenji Junjo Hotel Reservation Inquiry".

  • Name:
  • Cellphone Number:
  • Type of Room: Triple room/ Twin room/ Single room
  • Number of People: Men /Women
  • Date of Check In:
  • Date of Check Out:
  • Number of nights:
  • Check In Time (15:00-18:00):